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What's Your Riding Style?

Average Speed (mph)

Average speed for the duration of your ride, including regular pedaling and use of pedal assist and throttle.

Level of Effort

Amount of pedal power you supply to reach the average speed. 0 = Throttle Only, 9 = Eco Mode.

Total Weight (lbs)

Total weigh including bike, battery, rider, and any cargo you are carrying on the bike or in a trailer.

Level of Cadence (rpm)

On average, how many times do you make one full rotation per minute when pedaling?

EBike Characteristics

Drive Type

Where is the motor located on your electric bike?

Nominal Motor Output (watts)

What is the nominal motor output rating of your ebike? For dual drives, enter the combined total wattage.

Battery Voltage (volts)

What is the voltage of your electric bike system?

Battery Capacity (amp-hours)

What is the capacity of your ebike battery, as measured in Amp-Hours (Ah)?

Drive Type

What style of electric bike are you riding?

Tire Tread

Select the tire tread that most closely resembles that of the tires on your electric bike.

Number of Mechanical Gears

Select the mechanical gear system on your ebike.

Shifting System

Select the mechanical gear system on your ebike.

Environmental Conditions


Select the terrain that best describes the average terrain for your ride.

Surface Conditions

Select which best describes the suface conditions you will encounter most on your ride.

Weather Conditions

Which best describes the weather conditions you will encounter during your ride?

Stop Frequency

How often stop completely, and start from a standing position? Level 1 = Rarely, Level 5 = Frequently


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